Claire Rosen – ‘Persephone’s Feast’

Claire Rosen’s ‘Persephone’s Feast’ – “series of still life imagery, follows in the footsteps of the masters of the Baroque period, in the concept of ‘memento mori’, harnessing the symbolism of objects to illustrate the fleeting quality of time and the transience of life. These compositions focus on light, color, texture, and atmosphere, and are a stark contrast to the saturated, high-volume of our fast-paced modern life. Viewers are invited to meditate on the dignity, beauty, and purpose in each object, all of which evoke one essential point. This too shall pass… These still life images aim not to grab your attention, but hold your attention. In the age of distraction, they allow us to focus on what is essential. They are a reminder that we are ships passing in the night, and must mindfully choose how we devote our brief and precious time on earth.

Claire Rosen - Persephone's Feast

Claire Rosen – Persephone’s Feast


In Greek mythology, Persephone, (Greek: Περσεφόνη) was a goddess of agriculture, the harvest, the seasons and the underworld.