Nicholas Hughes – ‘Aspects of Cosmological Indifference’

Nicholas Hughes’s series ‘Aspects of Cosmological Indifference’ – an investigation of the ephemeral patina of our existence and an observation of light and matter that offered a glimpse into the formation of the universe itself.

Nicholas Hughes - Aspects

Nicholas Hughes – Aspects


“Gazing at night skies and overwhelmed by millions of stars not unlike the specks of dust on my scanner bed I found fresh wonder and the obvious origin of the word we commonly use to refer to space.

Through study of the dissolution of matter, and in experiencing our insignificance I found reassurance. We are no more than fleeting passages of time, temporary layers that shift, change, combine, universally we swarm and are gone.

These are our moments…here and gone… Nothing lasts very long in the grand scheme of things, dust rises and light falls – the continuation of our existence remains inconsequential to the universe and our demise will signal the natural world as the likely benefactor. Despite having thoughts centred on the apocalyptical, there came visions of beauty and rebirth.”