Stelios Kallinikou – ‘Studies in Geology’

Stelios Kallinikou’s series ‘Studies in Geology’ – appealing abstracts from the Cypriot landscape where space, place, time and history intersect, as manifestations of interweaving discusses of meaning and embracing the simultaneity of extremes.

Stelios Kallinikou – Studies in Geology


“The birth and emergence of the island of Cyprus and the Troodos mountain range (where the photographs were taken) is the result of unique and complex geological processes that lasted millions of years. Troodos, the largest mountain range in Cyprus, was created by volcanic activity at the depths of the ocean 90 million years ago. As we rise up to Troodos, the rock formations we come across are the same as those that we would have come across when going down to the depths of the oceans. Therefore, the geographical coordinates of the photographs reveal that we are located at Troodos, the highest peak of the island, whilst geologically we are located at the bottom of the ancient ocean of Tethys.”


Stelios Kallinikou – Studies in Geology


To learn more about the series, watch this short video about his exhibition at Foam in 2018.

Source – artist statement.