Stefanie Schneider – ‘Oilfields’

Stefanie Schneider’s Polaroid series ‘Oilfields’ – “connotes both the notion of the frontier and the adventurous mentality of the West, and a kind of horizontal understanding of landscape that is so quintessential about the West. While it circumscribes the West’s idiosyncratic historical and physical manifestations, it also stands for a concept that is slowly fading into the past as a new era emerges.”

Stefanie Schneider - Oilfields

Stefanie Schneider – Oilfields


Stefanie Schneider started working with Polaroid film in 1996 when she found cheap expired film and since that moment she never stopped creating pictorial photo narrative artworks with this vanishing medium. Fortunately she still has enough in stock to continue exploring the variable possibilities of chance and the stories it unfolds.