Sascha Weidner – ‘Hanami’

Sascha Weidner´s series ‘Hanami’ – celebrating the ephemeral nature of life in visual poems of glittering whites and vibrant pinks, rooted in the centuries-old Japanese custom of enjoying the transient beauty of blossoms.

The short life span of the cherry blossom has been adopted as a symbol of the concept of impermanence that echoes over many aspects of the Japanese history, art and its spirit itself. The lavish spectacle during spring is cherished in an event called hanami (“blossom viewing”) usually as feast gatherings under the splendor of the blooming trees.

Sasha Weidner’s delicate petals captured at night are magnificent and intoxicating not only to epitomize the fleeting moment, but also as an euphoric symbol of rebirth before the dawn of the light.

Sascha Weidner - Hanami

Sascha Weidner – Hanami


The artist (1974 – 2015) took the photographs during his residency at Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan in 2013. The main body of Sascha Weidner’s photographic and written work are housed at Sprengel Museum Hannover.