Masako Tomiya – ‘Kito’

Masako Tomiya’s series ‘Kito’- exploring how the sense of home has altered with time.

In Japanese “kito” means “homeward” but the inverted, “toki” takes on a completely different meaning as “time”. In her poetic series, Masako Tomiya plays with this dual sense.

Masako Tomiya – Kito


“I’ve lived my life asking myself

“What am I? What is this world?”

For a long time, I wandered without answers, and before I knew it I was older.

Had time flown by, or was it all a dream resembling a memory?

This story transcends time and meaning and self

by staring down the idea of “myself.”


Available as a photo book, published by Chose Commune and can take a look at it here.