Manuel H. Márquez – ‘Dancing around gasoline geysers’

Manuel H. Márquez’s series ‘Dancing around gasoline geysers’ –  exploring the photographs as fiery objects (they emit light, turn to ashes and burn out), in capturing the Mexican light as a place and as a concept.

Manuel H. Márquez – Dancing around gasoline geysers


“The country seems to only need a spark to burst into flames. This condition is deliberately reflected in this series of images. All of them present different degrees of fogging, burning, re-exposure to light, and intervention of translucent ghostly elements in their surface. Within the current state of affairs, to produce a clean and unspoiled image in Mexico seems to be an attempt to idealize reality and to overlook the limitless historical, social, and individual happenings taking place on its territory. These images offer an escape while simultaneously reflecting a parcel of reality.”

Source – artist statement.