JP and Mike Andrews – ‘Abstract Aerial Art’

Abstract Aerial Art’ by two UK brothers, JP and Mike Andrews – bizarre photographs of rarely seen places and structures captured with a drone offering a new perspective of our beautiful planet.

“The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above… We find it fascinating how an aerial view completely changes the way we see something from ground level”

JP and Mike Andrews - Abstract Aerial Art

JP and Mike Andrews – Abstract Aerial Art


“The story began back in October 2016 with a discussion in a pub about investing in a drone. Two weeks later and with no planning whatsoever, we brought a one way ticket to Australia. Arriving in Sydney and finding ourselves a second hand vehicle, we set off into the Australian outback with no survival skills at all, to film and photograph remote Australia. Not long into our trip, we came to realise we had a vast number of extremely unusual images which we had no idea what to do with, yet wanted to share with the world. As a result, Abstract Aerial Art was born.”