Jitske Schols – ‘Songs for soprano’

Jitske Schols’ series ‘Songs for soprano’, etude #1 landscapes and portraits as an imaginary journey back to the 19th century devoted to the life of Anna Witsen and her tragic death.

Jitske Schols - Songs for soprano

Jitske Schols – Songs for soprano


Anna Witsen was a sister of the famous Dutch painter and photographer Willem Witsen and lived with their family in a beautiful estate in the country. For unknown reasons, the young woman put an end to her life in 1889, drowning in the pond of Ewijckshoeve.

The artist visited the site where the tragedy took place in searching for answers and “presumed that the basis for her self-chosen death may lie in the fact that she was not ‘seen’ by anyone.” (Galerie Caroline O’Breen)

However, because she also grew up at the same estate having such a great time there, new questions around the concept of duality emerged – how the same peaceful landscape could be a surrounding for lovely memory of her own happy childhood years and a place for such a terrible incident?