Jason Shulman – ‘Photographs of Films’

Jason Shulman’s series ‘Photographs of Films’ – an entire movie in a single image. “There are roughly 130,000 frames in a 90-minute film and every frame of each film is recorded in these photographs.”

In searching of a way how to span the time, the artist started experimenting with a very long exposure of moving images like news and sports events, when finally he pointed his camera to films playing for the whole duration. The choice of the movies was a pretty random selection – ‘La Dolce Vita’, ‘Taxi driver’, ‘The Great Beauty’, ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to mention a few. To get 54 photographs he shoot about 900 movies.

Jason Shulman - Photographs of Films

Jason Shulman – Photographs of Films


“You can learn something about the director’s style from this kind of kooky translation: you can learn that Hitchcock deals with people, for example, Kubrick deals with composition, Bergman deals with … I mean lots of Bergman films are kind of moody and psychological, much more so than other films”

It turned out that the unpredictable results depend mainly on the director’s style. “Some of the photographs appear to have little in common with the films they represent or some films didn’t work so well.”

However, as Shulman stated, eventually it is the viewer who will interpret his ‘impressionistic’ works through his/her own story. “Just like reading shapes in a cloud, they see what they want to see.”