Florian Richter – ‘Alps’

Florian Richter‘s series ‘Alps‘ – “In my still, deserted images, I see myself as following in the tradition of romantic landscape painters. I always strive to capture rhythm and structure, to portray the qualities of a landscape, which do not so much concern to recognizability or topography of a place but rather it appearance. The light shapes content and structure. This is the fundamental precondition for my work.

Florian Richter – Alps


I´m not aiming to document the reality and what there is, but instead I focus on the vision and the idea of landscape that we carry within us. In other words, these photographic events are not a portrayal of reality, but rather the draw individual perception into the heart of my interest. My pictures are painting, drawing and photography in one. They are that which seem them leads us to find in ourselves.

The series ‘Alps’ is ongoing, started in 2010″

Florian Richter – Alps


Special thanks to the photographer for the statement.