Diana H. Bloomfield – ‘Figurative’

Diana H. Bloomfield – ‘Figurative

“I began this ongoing series of my daughter fifteen years ago.  These particular images work as narratives.  Alone, or in combination, they have a story to tell.  As metaphorical portraits, they suggest the essence of a person, rather than offer any literal interpretation.  I like to think of these as visual vignettes that suggest half-remembered, fragmented dream worlds.  They borrow from the past, my ever-changing and skewed memories of that past, and fleeting moments in time.” 

Diana H. Bloomfield - Figurative

Diana H. Bloomfield – Figurative


“The images are printed in historic processes (e.g., gum bichromate; platinum/palladium; cyanotype, and sometimes a cross combination of those processes).  The layers are hand-applied (brushed) on watercolor paper, exposed to UV light, and developed“. 

Read in details about the process on Diana H. Bloomfield’s page ‘How it Works