David Leventi – ‘Palazzi’

David Leventi’s series ‘Palazzi’ – ‘a private tour’ under the blue cool wintry light to the opulent salons of Venetian noble homes, a symbol of the splendid lavish life of the local aristocracy over the past centuries, to convey an irresistible beauty of a bygone world.

David Leventi - Palazzi

David Leventi – Palazzi


“Venice was empty, covered in a bone-chillingly cold winter fog as you walked briskly from one palazzo to another through a series of backstreets and over a myriad of bridges. It was easy to get lost and disoriented, as time seemed to slow—the diffused light causing land and water to merge. The labyrinthine city was hibernating because the countless millions of disembarking cruise ship passengers that turn the city into Disneyland were absent.”