Bryan Graf – ‘The Sun Room’

Bryan Graf’s series ‘The Sun Room’ – abstracts of his studio as optical investigations of the plural nature of reality through intertwined layers of a place, its emotional impact and the associative interpretations of that landscape.

Bryan Graf – The Sun Room


“It (the studio) doubles as a solarium and a winter garden for plants and seedlings in the colder months; it’s also a point of origin for all of the experiments, series, works and failures that I have made over the years. Visual and physical traces of the room have found their way into my process. The changing light in the studio (wisteria vines have slowly overtaken the roof), the accumulation of mesh screens in the corner of the room, text from the day’s playlist of songs….it all coalesces into an ongoing visual journal of my studio practice.

I’ve come to see the camera as a sun room itself: a dark chamber that facilitates the generation of an image through the collection of light. The works all originate in a garden—a cultivation of intentional and unintentional methods of working that flow into a procession of images, all of it growing out of necessity.”

Source – artist statement (Lens Culture).