Bill Clark – ‘Front Lines’

Bill Clark’s series ‘Front Lines’ – drawing the light with camera dance

“This intensive grouping is aimed at inspiring thoughts and feelings of conflict on many levels. The tension between light and dark, boldness and grace, accident and intention, are depicted in a literal reality. In a deeper sense, however, it is my aim to also reference a more universal theme of struggle, as political, social, and, religious conflict effects an ever-widening population on our planet.”

Bill Clark - Front Lines

Bill Clark – Front Lines


“Abstract images communicate not so much through the eyes, but with a deeper part of our being. First the brain attempts to assemble the parts of the image and reference them to some piece of reality. Curiosity then takes its turn with, “What is it a picture of?” or “How was this picture taken?” And finally, after failing to find answers, a sense of wonder falls over the viewer as the brain relaxes, and imagination takes charge, reflecting on the emotions that have been stirred by the spontaneous visual eloquence of line, rhythm, and form.

The technique used draws from the other interpretative arts. While taking the photograph, the camera moves with my body in the gestures of dance. The images are similar to a performance, in that while the subject in front of the camera may be the same, there can never be two shots that are identical. There is a sense of poetry as the sweeping lines and forms suggest a metaphor for a range of emotions. And many photographs are similar to other two-dimensional arts, where light is used as the “medium” for detailed drawings, and complex paintings.”