Bas Meeuws – ‘Flower by Flower’

Bas Meeuws’ still lifes works ‘Flower by Flower’ – capturing the passage of time in polished compositions via layered photography, to glorify the timeless beauty to everyday life inspired by the traditional old Dutch masters vision about transience and mortality.

“Flowers are the ideal objects… In nature flowers seduce bees and other insects with colour, scent and unusual shapes and since the very beginning of history, they have had this effect on people as well.” Intrigued especially by their function in 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age, the artist tries to summon up the feeling that the people looking at the picture then would have had. “The bouquets in the paintings were impossible constructions of flowers from different seasons. I want to pursue this element of the genre. It gives you the opportunity to work outside of time, to make time stand still… The awe that they must have felt for all the expensive and exotic flowers together.”

Bas Meeuws - Flower by Flower

Bas Meeuws – Flower by Flower