Angelo Musco – ‘Sanctuary’

Angelo Musco’s work ‘Sanctuary’ – a man-made colossal architecture inspired by the myth of the Tower of Babel as a metaphor of mankind’s separation but through the totally opposite vision – as a mystical kingdom, a holy place, built for connection to join people together physically and conceptually.

“The word sanctuary refers to a safe or sacred place or the concept of containment and keeping something in. For this image, each brick, arch, ramp and bridge is made up entirely by human nudes and then the buildings are populated by hundreds of people… The residents are protecting one another, reacting to what they see and reflecting their concerns and emotions back on the audience. “

Angelo Musco - Sanctuary

Angelo Musco – Sanctuary


These masses of nudes constructions were created by many volunteers intentionally recruited from multicultural groups in different cultures. Photo shoots were organized in New York City, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin and Naples, to gather the materials for this mammoth metropolis and integrate the story of each of them into the multiple layers of the piece.

“As I began creating my own kingdom of towers, I wanted a diverse group of models who spoke different languages and were from different cultures to come together and symbolically help me build a community of peace and harmony. Diversity seems to be under attack, especially now, so I wanted the walls to be for protection, not for separation.”

The work took over four years to complete, the artist’s longest production to date.

Watch this video about the full process and final result of the Sanctuary project.