Alessandro Vasapolli – ‘DéVoilées’


“Photographs should be like memories: a little imprecise, to leave room for the imagination of the beholder”


Alessandro Vasapolli – DéVoilées


Alessandro Vasapolli’s series ‘DéVoilées’ – painting the aura of female mystery.

27 female portraits from behind where layers of veils that “appear to drop from the sky, pierced by a gleam that alights and overflows like water on a riverbank” evoke the imagination of the viewer … “And we immerse ourselves in an emotional universe, it is incumbent on us to weave threads together. Our task is to lift the veils, to search for a secret path, an unveiling.” (Valerio Consonni)


Alessandro Vasapolli – DéVoilées


The images are without post-production and are published in a book.