Yosuke Takeda – ‘Digital Flare’

Yosuke Takeda’s series ‘Digital Flare’ – like abstract paintings “where light sparkles in all the colors of the rainbow inside the frames”.

Yosuke Takeda - Digital Flare

Yosuke Takeda – Digital Flare


“Takeda’s concern is with light, and the color in his photographs is by no means pictorial color; rather, it is prism color that seeps out from the light nurtured within the frame. Although at a glance they look like aesthetic, pictorial images of the flickering of rays of sunshine filtering through the branches of trees, the images in the series “Digital Flare” are in fact photographs of strong light being drawn into the camera and the area within the frame being turned into what might be called a supersaturated state. This is the pure model for Takeda’s photography. Photographed in high resolution, the details are filled with light textures that undulate in an almost chaotic manner.” (text by Minoru Shimizu)