Meike Nixdorf – ‘Your Earth Transforms’

Meike Nixdorf’s project ‘Your Earth Transforms’ – using landscape to illustrate abstract ideas on perspective and perception, and the earth’s crust as a metaphor to the idea of how change is often invisible.

Meike Nixdorf - Your Earth Transforms

Meike Nixdorf – Your Earth Transforms


“The Alps rise every year on average by about 1-2 mm. A transformation not visible to our eyes nor physically noticeable. What does this say about our perception?

Based on 3D-renderings by Google Earth from various satellite imagery, the project shows details from different mountain ranges in the Alps, the Cascade Range, the Rocky Mountains, the Himalaya, the Karakoram and the Hawaiian Islands. The images display their respective shape at a certain point of time. A frozen moment – yet there is a sense of change and movement.

This project is not intended to serve as a geological survey. Rather, it focuses on the powerful beauty of the Earth’s crust. One likes to believe that it is possible to hold on to a status quo. Like holding on to the idea of a solid formation of rock, there is no stable foundation which will stay exactly the same for generations to come. There is no status quo. The Earth—our world—is in a perpetual state of flux.”