Cig Harvey – ‘You an Orchestra You a Bomb’

Cig Harvey’s series ‘You an Orchestra You a Bomb’ – “a beautiful exploration of the artist’s relationship with life itself paying attention to and appreciating the fragile present. The series captures moments of awe, makes icons of the everyday, and looks at life on the threshold between magic and disaster. Cig has always experienced the world viscerally and this work shows a heightened awareness of the temporary nature of life.

Through breathless moments of beauty,  her images propel us to fathom the sacred in the split-seconds of everyday.  Cig’s photographs are interwoven with her intimate poetry…”

Cig Harvey – You an Orchestra You a Bomb


The series is published as the third monograph in her remarkable collection continuing on the theme of family in her whimsical style and mastering the mix of images and text.

Source – ‘You an Orchestra You a Bomb’ book.