Emily Hughes – WILD

Emily Hughes - Wild

Emily Hughes – Wild


Wild”. Liked the title and that happy cheerful girl on the cover with big curious eyes, bright smile, and that huge wild hair with intertwined forest flowers. This is an illustration of ourselves many years ago, before we grow up, become boring and adapted to the rules of the society. And this is an illustration of our children before we gradually build them a frame in the name of their well-being.

The young Emily Hughes (like Ella Frances Sanders, she is also in the beginning of her twentieth), has already realized that to be really happy in life, you have to stay true to yourself.

Her debut both as an author and illustrator tells a story about a girl, who grew up in the woods, surrounded by the love of nature. Animals, trees, flowers – they all are friends taking care of her. She is free, without complexes, and absolutely happy. One fine day however some concerned adults all of a sudden appeared in her life and turned it upside down. Worrying about her future, they decided to take her with them in the big city to raise her properly. What a lucky girl! Now in the civilization world she will learn to read, to eat with manners, to talk in an established way and most importantly, to comb her hair! The issue is not in knowledge. It is actually praiseworthy and highly appreciated. The problem is in the way we are enforced to acquire it. The expansion of our horizons is always connected with inner changes. And when it is against our will but in accordance to the others’ will, we lose our own road and start walking their paths. Instead to flourish in a wild colouful blossom, the grain of our originality wilts.

I do love books that contain message both for children and for adults. The lovely illustrated book of Emily with few precise words is exactly that type. Like that one of Oliver Jeffers. They are mainly addressed to children to convey them valuable life lessons but I think that such stories are always welcomed to adults too. To clean a little the dust from the wardrobe where we collect our experiences gathered through the years and recall some basic truths about life.

Don’t follow the rules of others. They may look more progressive, but this doesn’t mean they are more suitable for you. Be yourself, be wild!