Tom Chambers – ‘Dreaming in reverse’

Tom Chambers’ series ‘Dreaming in reverse’ – surreal photomontages to a colourful journey through time to illustrate a dream of what has remained from the heart and beauty of Mexican landscape, and the authenticity of the lifestyle, culture, spirituality and magic.

Tom Chambers - Dreaming In Reverse

Tom Chambers – Dreaming In Reverse


The artist’s return to Mexico after a twenty-five years visit and “experienced a country teetering on the brink of change created by increasing political and economic challenges, and exacerbated by the trappings of global consumerism. The Mexican people appeared handcuffed by demands largely outside of their control and threatened by the potential loss of their cultural richness. Employing magic realism, an art genre used in the early 20th century in Mexico, I have created images of Mexico which seem true and believable, but also perhaps improbable”.