Mario Arroyave – ‘Timeline’

Mario Arroyave‘s series ‘Timeline‘ – a vision of alternative reality through visual repetition of water sports as a metaphor for time and space.

Inspired by the photographic motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge’s, Arroyave also captured images at controlled intervals of time. However, whilst Muybridge intention was to create the illusion of movement by reproducing them one after the other, Arroyave synthesizes them in a fixed space within a static image.

Mario Arroyave - Timeline

Mario Arroyave – Timeline


While shooting a television commercial in an aquatic complex, he noticed the water’s visually rich texture. “The effect of this over the skin of the players was so majestic that I decided to continue photographing water sports. Because there’s a lot of movement, the players are the focus of the game. Even taking a picture every 10 seconds, what you see in each image is completely different.”

Using Photoshop after capturing a significant amount of images, he starts to incorporate from 20 to 400 of them to achieve the final image; a procedure that usually takes him from 15 days to 3 months.