Brigitte Lustenberger – ‘Still Untitled’

Brigitte Lustenberger – Still Untitled


Brigitte Lustenberger’s series ‘Still Untitled’ – inspired by baroque still life paintings metaphorical illustrations of the changes of fate as a result of the constant human interventions to the transience of being.

“Photography seems to snatch moments of time from mortality. But the captured moments are not more than representations of the past. In my photographs I try to stop the decay, well knowing that all is in vain. Still I love to linger on the beauty of decay.”

The process includes selection, staging, observation of the “passing away and withering” of the objects, and then photographing and surrendering to negative. Shooting exclusively with natural daylight allows the light to leave an “impression” on the negative, thus leaving a trace on it and becoming an intense experience of its own.


Brigitte Lustenberger – Still Untitled


Source – artist statement.