Seung-Hwan Oh – ‘Impermanence’

Seung-Hwan Oh’s series ‘Impermanence’ – colorful abstract portraits to illustrate entropy theory that the chaos we cultivate only increases.

The collection is created with the use of bacteria placed on the emulsion side of the developed film, leaving them in the homemade incubator over the course of months to consume the layer of gelatin. The process took the artist three years and only 0.2% of thousands of images have been attained in the final body of work. Fusing photography and biology in an unpredictable process, the artist aims to evoke an existential pathos in the viewer in realizing our delicate and temporal existence.

Seung-Hwan Oh - Impermanence

Seung-Hwan Oh – Impermanence


“Impermanence’ is about an idea that all matter including all the life forms would collapse in our spatial-temporal dimension we belong to. The conceptual idea was inspired by the second law of thermodynamics.”