Veronica Bailey – ‘Colourfields’

Veronica Bailey – ‘Colourfields‘ – a series seeks to explore a theme of ‘renewal’.

“Images photographed during the autumn of 2013 were revisited six months later, with an application of Aniline dye inks. This process sought to revive and regenerate the flora forgotten from a previous point in time, whilst altering the original materiality. The pigment of these aniline dyes is fugitive. Its intensity decays rapidly. Therefore these reawakened, transient artworks were frozen in time, by means of scanning, and reproduction as lambda prints.”

Veronica Bailey, fields, plants, colourfields, art, fine art photography, photography, inspiration

Veronica Bailey – Colourfields


Daniel Shipp – ‘Botanical Inquiry’

Daniel Shipp‘s series ‘Botanical Inquiry‘ – the ability of plants to adapt and survive in the world humans have created.

Exploring the quietly menacing effect, unremarkable plants as storytelling elements were collected and staged against the backdrop of common urban environments.

“By manipulating the optical and staging properties of photography with an analogue machine that I have constructed, I have produced these studio based images in camera rather using Photoshop compositing. They rely exclusively on the singular perspective of the camera to render their mechanics invisible.”

 photography, diorama, plants, botanical, Daniel Shipp, inspiration

Daniel Shipp – Botanical Inquiry


Watch this short video to get an idea about the process of making ‘Botanical Inquiry’ series.


Tomoya Matsuura – ‘Withered Plants’

’s project ‘Withered Plants‘ – photo series featuring Nature with Its cycle of life, in the microscopic world

“Although all life comes to an end, the end is at the same time a beginning of the transition into something new. Small plants that exist by our side and we hardly take notice of also contain within themselves the majestic nature, and revolve their life force just the same. They are filled with a variety of expressions and dynamism that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and allow you to sense the mystery of the formation of life.” 

Tomoya Matsuura, Withered Plants, photography, black and white photography, flowers, art, inspiration

Tomoya Matsuura – Withered Plants