Daniella Zalcman – ‘New York + London’

Daniella Zalcman‘s series ‘New York + London‘ –  “a love letter to two beautiful cities” as a new vision of home.

After living several years in New York the photographer relocated to London in 2012.

“I created this series of double exposures to map the intersections between two sets of streets and skylines. The resulting images are part New York, part London, and collectively represent my vision of home… New York + London explores place, memory, and identity through architecture and nostalgia… My hope is that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home”

Daniella Zalcman - New York + London

Daniella Zalcman – New York + London



JP and Mike Andrews – ‘Abstract Aerial Art’

Abstract Aerial Art’ by two UK brothers, JP and Mike Andrews – bizarre photographs of rarely seen places and structures captured with a drone offering a new perspective of our beautiful planet.

“The point is not to work out what it is, but to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above… We find it fascinating how an aerial view completely changes the way we see something from ground level”

JP and Mike Andrews - Abstract Aerial Art

JP and Mike Andrews – Abstract Aerial Art


“The story began back in October 2016 with a discussion in a pub about investing in a drone. Two weeks later and with no planning whatsoever, we brought a one way ticket to Australia. Arriving in Sydney and finding ourselves a second hand vehicle, we set off into the Australian outback with no survival skills at all, to film and photograph remote Australia. Not long into our trip, we came to realise we had a vast number of extremely unusual images which we had no idea what to do with, yet wanted to share with the world. As a result, Abstract Aerial Art was born.”


Petros Koublis – ‘Selene’

Petros Koublis’s series ‘Selene’ – The moment of transcendent silence when our world passes the limits and becomes one with the infinite Universe, an illumination of our common memory.

“Our world is celestial, sharing the same origin with the space that embraces our skies. Mountains and seas, the most familiar objects of our immediate experience still carry within them the magic of distant worlds. For this is one, inseparable landscape… The mind merges with the vastness of the Universe and for a moment there is no space or time, only the wonder of existence.”

Petros Koublis - Selene

Petros Koublis – Selene


Jeffrey Conley – ‘Winter’

Jeffrey Conley’s series ‘Winter’ – capturing in a meditative simplicity the magic of pure white of snow and the silent frozen beauty of winter.

Jeffrey Conley - Winter

Jeffrey Conley – Winter


“Having grown up in the northeastern United States, I can vividly remember the childhood feeling of waking up on a Winters’ morning and looking out the window at a magical, snow covered world. I was enthralled with the ethereal qualities of snow: how it defined and transformed objects, reflected light, and how it softened sound. Over the years as a photographer I have continued to be captivated and inspired by the simple, transcendent, yet austere winter landscape… These photographs are the result of my journeys and observations, and have provided an intense personal peace that I hope is felt by others.”


Jeffrey Conley - Winter

Jeffrey Conley – Winter


The photographs are collected in a photo book


Helene Schmitz – ‘Kudzu Project’

Helene Schmitz’s series ‘Kudzu Project’ – poetic expression of the eerie beauty in the fascinated phenomena of nature that are beyond our grasp. Capturing the magnificent ‘sculptures’ of Kudzu plant, one of the most invasive plant on earth, to question the constant endeavours of humanity to control the balance in nature and the ever-changeable character of the viewpoint on the reality – is it our friend or enemy now?

“I see photography as a way of dealing with time and transience – which is a fundamental theme in my images. The medium of photography also has an interesting connection to these concepts”

Helene Schmitz - Kudzu Project

Helene Schmitz – Kudzu Project


The series was shot in the summer of 2012 in Georgia and Alabama where the Kudzu plant has already transformed vast areas into apocalyptic landscapes.

Kudzu plant is native to Eastern and Southeastern Asia, but in 1876 it was introduced to the US as a garden novelty in the World’s Fair Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. With its beautiful leaves the plant enchanted the hearts of the Americans and was used mainly for decorative purposes. It was not a threat until the 1930s and 1940s when was rebranded as a way for farmers to stop soil erosion in the South — in Alabama, in Georgia and in the Mississippi. As dust storms damaged the prairies, Congress declared war on soil erosion and enlisted kudzu as a primary weapon. Kudzu seedlings were grown in nurseries by the newly created Soil Conservation Service and the farmers were paid high wages to sow topsoil with the invasive vine. However it felt so comfortable in the warm wet climate that quickly spread and conquered the new environment (read the whole article about ‘The True Story of Kudzu, the Vine That Never Truly Ate the South’ in Smithsonian Magazine)


Kenro Izu – ‘Bhutan’

Kenro Izu’s series ‘Bhutan’ – black and white hand-printed platinum prints of portraits and landscapes shot between 2002-2007 reveal the beauty of a real place full with life, traditions and spiritual values as a fairy tale frozen in time and space.

Kenro Izu - Bhutan

Kenro Izu – Bhutan


“Traveling many years, I have not yet seen a place as peaceful as Bhutan, or a place affecting such peacefulness within myself. If there is a place indeed named Utopia, this place may come the closest to it… Seemingly, an existence of the precious culture in the edge of Himalayan itself is the fantasy of the 21st century, and I can’t help having a fear of its delicate fragility, which may easily dissolve into surrounding enormous clouds and fogs”


Kenro Izu - Bhutan

Kenro Izu – Bhutan


The images are also collected in a book, “Bhutan, the Sacred Within”.


Bernhard Quade – ‘Stone’

Bernhard Quade’s series ‘Stone’– impressive landscapes focusing on one of the essential elements of the Nature and its powerful influence upon human beings as a part of the process of majestic creation.

Bernhard Quade - Stone

Bernhard Quade – Stone


“All my life I have been interested in ways that nature changes people…. And how people change nature, and how it all changes people further… I want the observer to let himself concentrate more on the objects which influence our surroundings, our lives, our thoughts and desires… And in turn be influenced by them. In my work I want to show opposite desires – A Silence – A Standstill – But also the movement and Tension which we find all around us. This is the Power of Nature which changes our lives.”


Bernhard Quade - Stone

Bernhard Quade – Stone


Sharon Harper – ‘Moon Studies and Star Scratches’

Sharon Harper’s series ‘Moon Studies and Star Scratches’ – poetic exploration of light and time through multiple-exposure photographs of the Moon and stars.

Sharon Harper - Moon Studies and Star Scratches

Sharon Harper – Moon Studies and Star Scratches


“The moon within these images links our understanding of time in terms of a monthly calendar with a celestial realm where time is measured in light years. Long exposures of stars used in some of the images further explore time. The exposures combine an understanding of time embedded within photography— a four-hour exposure of a star renders on film as a line of light so many inches long—with the fact that the starlight hitting the film is light years old. These images are an attempt to record a realm we can hardly fathom, but within a framework of time we can readily understand, bringing the human scale into relationship with the cosmic”.

The series is part of the book ‘From Above and Below’  


Beth Moon – ‘Portraits of Time’

Beth Moon’s series ‘Portraits of Time’ – powerful portraits of the world’s most ancient trees as priceless living wonders and magnificent guardians of our planet to inspire for saving them from the danger of destruction.

Beth Moon - Portraits of Time

Beth Moon – Portraits of Time


“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment, celebrating the wonders of nature that have survived throughout the centuries. By feeling a larger sense of time, developing a relationship with the natural world, we carry that awareness with us as it becomes a part of who we are.”

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them,  whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.Hermann Hesse

The photographs are collected in a photo book.