Todd Hido – ‘A Road Divided’

Todd Hido’s landscapes express the natural beauty of the open road on a rainy day through the blurry view of the windshield as an additional lens. Defined by an open horizon, his photographs create a perception of vastness, infinity and freedom.

“I had been photographing landscapes for a couple of years, but had no intention of making anything of them… I had no other purpose of making them other than responding to the beauty that I saw.”

Todd Hido - A Road Divided

Todd Hido – A Road Divided


The photographs are included in a book ‘A Road Divided’


Daniel Kovalovszky – ‘Green Silence’

Daniel Kovalovszky – ‘Green Silence‘ – in searching for the desired infinite space and silence

“The woods do not care for the loud, suffocating city life, where we people are trying to live or rather trying to survive. The trees are following their own patterns that have been gently hard-coded inside them by some superior energy. The trees exist in an almost imperceptible perpetual motion as they change and breathe. While in the world created by humans a futureless race, alienation and a kind of fossilized economic and moral crisis, which here among the woods appear rather distant, continue to exist. This faraway, ancient silence embodies everything, embracing those who enter. The silence is what I am searching for in places like this. Searching for the boundless in the silence. Searching for the beginning in the infinite. My beginning.”

Daniel Kovalovszky - Green Silence

Daniel Kovalovszky – Green Silence


Nadežda Nikolova-Kratzer – ‘Solvitur Ambulando’

Nadežda Nikolova-Kratzer‘s ‘Solvitur Ambulando’ – “wet plate collodion photograms of flora I collected during walks and meanderings to explore ecological themes by drawing on the herbarium tradition and connecting to the dawn of photography.”

Nadežda Nikolova-Kratzer  - Solvitur Ambulando

Nadežda Nikolova-Kratzer – Solvitur Ambulando


“This series also explores a deeply personal inward journey, which speaks to the second perspective. I collected the flora during a period of upheaval, anticipation and loss. Each piece is a self-contained visual poem within the larger whole, where the medium itself plays a part in the storytelling. By manipulating chemistry, timing and light I create artifacts that suggest mystery and drama, evoking a spectrum of psychological interiors. Forms combine with textures to create moods and associations. Plant materials and arrangements hint at symbols. The herbarium becomes a catalog of “psychological specimens,” tethered to a time and place yet also existing outside of time and place; the biological specimens returning to the viewer as personal memories. In this manner, the natural form becomes inseparable from the artifact; the image inseparable from the hand; the objective inseparable from the subjective.”

 *Solvitur Ambulando – a Latin phrase which means “it is solved by walking” and is used to refer to a problem which is solved by a practical experiment.


Nicola Bertellotti – ‘The Great Beauty’

Nicola Bertellotti’s series ‘The Great Beauty’– capturing the aesthetics of decay.

Enchanted by the beauty of abandoned places, the Italian photographer travels across Europe with “the inner desire to describe to the others everything he meets like a fresco” and portrays these modern ruins as symbols of a lost time that is calling to be found.

Nicola Bertellotti - The Great Beauty

Nicola Bertellotti – The Great Beauty


Noell Oszvald – self-portraits

Noell Oszvald’s black and white powerful surreal self-portraits with highly conceptual aesthetic and the purity of a simple composition.

 “I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images. This is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”

Noell Oszvald

Noell Oszvald


Martina Lindqvist – ‘A Thousand Little Suns’

Martina Lindqvist’s ‘A Thousand Little Suns’ – expecting something to happen.

The series comprises of six nighttime images of rural landscapes in central Finland well-lit by a strange artificial light instead of be surrounded by an impenetrable darkness usual for the winter months for these places.

A metaphor for the coming end of the world, a quiet event that will pass completely unperceived in the universe, or by these remote and pretty sparsely populated scenes evoking emotions of solitude and maybe to dare to step into the forest, into the unknown?

Martina Lindqvist - A Thousand Little Suns

Martina Lindqvist – A Thousand Little Suns


Clarissa Bonet – ‘Stray Light’

Clarissa Bonet’s series ‘Stray Light’ – “Building facades melt into darkness, their architectural details vanish, leaving only glowing windows in a sea of pitch black, like stars in the night sky.”

Clarissa Bonet - Stray Light

Clarissa Bonet – Stray Light


“Stray Light is an ongoing photographic project aimed at imaging the nocturnal urban landscape. We have all but lost the night for our progress. In its place we have formed a new cosmos, one of vanished surfaces and flecks of light.

Carefully constructing each image from multiple photographs, I reform the urban landscape in my own vision – one that seeks to reconstruct the heavens in its absence above the cityscape. Light emanating from each window references a world unknown, evoking a sense of mystery and awe. We no longer look up to the night’s sky with awe. Instead, that is how we look out at the city.”


Juana Gomez – ‘Constructal’

Juana Gomez’s ‘Constructal’ – hand embroidered photographic canvases.

Juana Gomez - Constructal

Juana Gomez – Constructal


“My work arises from the observation of nature and the processes that determine how both living beings and the inorganic world are structured and built. There is fundamental law that can be seen in the veins of a leaf, the course of rivers and their tributaries, the circuits of the central nervous system, the currents of the sea and the routes of traffic on the Internet. Deciphering this common language, which connects the micro cosmos with the macro cosmos, the external and the interior world, allows us to distinguish a pattern that influences inert, biological, social and cultural systems. It affects us continuously, although we are barely conscious of its presence, and governs aspects as common as our movements through the city and others as personal as the symbols of our dreams. Its essence arises from the way things flow along the path of least resistance.”


Desirée Dolron – ‘Xteriors’

Desirée Dolron’s series ‘Xteriors’ – serenity and sense of mystery inspired by Dutch Classical Master painters.

Though there is a secret story behind the project, written by the artist herself when she was a young girl, the main focus is not about the narrative rather than about timelessness. Mastering skillfully the light and with subtle digital manipulations these photographs appear as intangible portraits with painterly quality.

Desirée Dolron - Xteriors

Desirée Dolron – Xteriors


Available as a photo book published by Raven Publishers


Shinichi Maruyama – ‘Nude’

Shinichi Maruyama’s ‘Nude’ – a new abstract visual language of showing the beauty of the human body’s figure and motion over time, and the perception of presence in life.

Shinichi Maruyama - Nudes

Shinichi Maruyama – Nudes


Using cutting-edge technology, Maruyama collaborated with dancers and each single shot is composed by combining 10,000 individual photographs. By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole appears to be something different from what actually exists.

“I know the advancement of technology has allowed me to create these new images that would have been impossible for others in the past. The scientist/photographer Étienne-Jules Marey, who contributed a lot to many artists more than 100 years ago, used a camera that shot 12 images per second. But because of the technology we have today, I was able to use a camera that let me take about 2,000 images per second.”

Take a look at his gallery exhibition at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York.