Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis – ‘In dreams’

Petros Koublis‘ series ‘In dreams’ – “There are limits to our perception, therefore we are not able to fully perceive what is essentially mind-independent, free of form, shape and definition. We are bound to keep addressing a mental version of reality, limited within the confines of our understanding. Through Mythology the human spirit could philosophically approach those remote areas of a system much bigger than what we are able to perceive. As if through Myths, our spirit is able to overcome the boundaries of the mind and expose our intuition to a much greater reality, letting us lift the veil for a moment and feel what lies underneath. These primordial narratives are not attempting an interpretation of the unknown, but they offer an accumulation of the human experience, they talk about the history of the Psyche, the age-long dreams of young humanity. Then, in the form of a lucid dream, they reveal the archetypes that connect us with the most distant areas of our spirit, where the seeds of our evolution were first planted into the fertile soil of imagination. Beauty can be applied both to the visible and the intelligible world, without losing its perceptible attributes…”

Petros Koublis – In dreams


Source – artist statement.


Petros Koublis – ‘Selene’

Petros Koublis’s series ‘Selene’ – The moment of transcendent silence when our world passes the limits and becomes one with the infinite Universe, an illumination of our common memory.

“Our world is celestial, sharing the same origin with the space that embraces our skies. Mountains and seas, the most familiar objects of our immediate experience still carry within them the magic of distant worlds. For this is one, inseparable landscape… The mind merges with the vastness of the Universe and for a moment there is no space or time, only the wonder of existence.”

Petros Koublis - Selene

Petros Koublis – Selene