Laura El-Tantawy – ‘Beyond Here Is Nothing’

Laura El-Tantawy’s project ‘Beyond Here Is Nothing’ – an impressionistic journey in an atypical structured photo-book drifting through different places, seasons and moods to explore the notion of home as a mythical longing and perpetual possibility.

“To be home is to feel a strong connection to a land and a grounding to its roots. For much of my life home has been an abstract place far away from my reach. This body of work navigates the boundaries of being – exploring the unsettling feeling of rootlessness, the mental burden of loneliness and the constant search for belonging in unfamiliar places… Once you reach the end, you are not sure how to put it back together and the book becomes your own. You can decide to put the images the way you want. That’s an object that evolves with time”

Laura El-Tantawy - Beyond Here Is Nothing

Laura El-Tantawy – Beyond Here Is Nothing


Cold rain. It strikes me as nature’s way of despairing. When the sun shies away in hiding. Under hefty clouds I watch time passing. Slowly. Always too slow for my liking. I wait for that golden ball of fire to gracefully return its lighting.”