Ilona Langbroek – ‘Silent loss’

Ilona Langbroek’s project ‘Silent loss’ – “I portray the emotions of generation forced to leave the former Dutch-Indies and a life so deeply rooted in their genes. But not only loss and sadness but also magic and animism. Animism is the belief that everything has a soul, not only people but also animals and non-living objects.”

Ilona Langbroek – Silent loss


“Indonesia is anchored in the Dutch culture. The invisible influences from Indonesia seep through several generation, it is a country anchored in the Dutch culture. For four centuries, there have been relations between the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies that have left their mark. The return to the motherland was for some a return home, for others a first introduction. Once in the Netherlands, the past of the former Dutch East Indies was forgotten and concealed. Stories of suffering, pain and sorrow were covered up.

I create images based upon stories and memories, in which try to visualize the bond between man, spirit and nature. Love to use the contrast between light and dark and the twilight zone between them.

In my photography I want to show a kind of beauty and vulnerability that has arisen from the loss.”

Special thanks to the photographer for the statement.