Nicolas Dhervillers – ‘Hommages’

Nicolas Dhervillers’s series ‘Hommages’ – a combination of his monumental landscapes with characters from canvases of great painters from Nicolas Poussin and Gustave Courbet to Frank Cowper in paying tribute to their work and giving them a new spiritual existence into a modern surreal setting.

Nicolas Dhervillers - Hommages

Nicolas Dhervillers – Hommages


”In grandiose compositions, Nicolas Dhervillers exalts the vision of a man immersed in the heart of lush. Its isolation in the sine qua non of its development. Tributes thus refers to the romantic myth of abandonment and the quest itself. Paradoxically, the extras seem to have a moment of idleness in this ideal landscape, yet they embody many souls in search of identity”.