Happiness is … – a project by Last Lemon

What is Happiness?

We all have asked ourselves this question more than once and probably were searching for the answer in the ‘big’ things like home, job, money and so on.

However if you honestly ask yourself that very same moment what makes you happy, you will be surprised with the sudden answer. Because it will be something very ‘insignificant’, something so obvious that often we do not even bother to think about it as ‘real happiness’. And yet all those ‘small’ happy moments in our life paint the black and white reality with the rich colours of the rainbow. They assure that necessary balance to be able to continue going on through this journey called life and say at the end ‘it was amazing’.

This is not a philosophical article trying to inspire you to see the light into the darkness. This is the observation of an artwork which probably should be also taken into account by the relevant scientists (after all it is like a free research).

The artistic duo Last Lemon came with the idea to start illustrating the conception of the people around the world what is happiness. The project started in 2013 and currently they have illustrated 7.000 submissions collected in a few books and more are on the way.  So, you are welcome to join and send your list via Facebook or directly on their site.

Before to do that, take a look first at the thoughts somebody like you have already shared… Happiness is in the simple everyday things, isn’t it? An unexpected bouquet, watching the sea, fixing something, a good high five, seeing your mother smile, finding money in an old pair of jeans, a baby holding your finger with his whole hand, dancing like idiots, looking down on your hometown from a plane, being  the first one up… Of course, we all want to have the ‘big’ stuff, but will they make us really happy or they are just a goal to be reached and after we achieve it, start chasing for the next one?