Anastasia Samoylova – ‘FloodZone’

Anastasia Samoylova’s series ‘FloodZone – “an expansive photographic project reflecting and responding to the problem of rising sea levels. The project began in Miami in 2016, I moved to the area, my first experience living in a tropical environment. It was the hottest summer on record. Through daily walks I began to realize how the city’s seductive tropical palette and quality of light concealed the growing dissonance between its booming real-estate market and the ocean’s encroachment on its shoreline. Ocean views are prized in the real-estate world, with little regard for building projects’ locations in high-risk flood zones. Investors seem to turn a blind eye to the reality that Miami is steadily slipping underwater. Miami Beach, in particular, is a striking case study: the artificial island boasts some of the most luxurious properties, but it is subject to regular flooding. Living in Miami is bittersweet: it looks and feels like a paradise, but the only secure roots belong to mangrove trees.”

Anastasia Samoylova – FloodZone


Source – artist statement.