Victor Nunes – Faces

Well, these doodles are one of the best humorous expressions of the human imagination. The series is called ‘Faces’ and is constantly growing. The creative mind behind it is Victor Nunes, who so far has only opened a facebook page without any information about himself. As far as I delved in the internet, I found that he is a Portuguese speaking retired art director, but actually this is not the main point. What counts more is his work. And it is incredible! Inspired from nuts, popcorn, scissors, pretzel sticks, paper clips, foil, pencil shavings, safety razors, matches, caps, bread, lettuce, and so many other simple objects, Victor Nunes sees in their shapes something that resembles him our everyday surrounding. And with the help of his drawing skills, he introduces us to this otherwise hidden for the ‘untrained’ eye world – a funny, comical and playful world to enjoy and laugh.

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