Clark et Pougnaud – ‘Eden’

Clark (photographer) and Pougnaud (painter) series ‘Eden’ – still lifes from the imaginary garden created with small pieces of nature in front of a painted canvas. The poetic vision of the French artists with references to pictorial and surreal expressed with combined techniques of staging, photography and painting, to capture the rhythm of nature in each season as part of the constant but ephemeral circle of rebirth.

Clark et Pougnaud – Eden


Rafael M. Milani – ‘Eden’

Rafael M. Milani’s series ‘Eden’ is an exciting walk through the mysterious moments of the world creation where the eerie darkness has just met the soft warm light.

“It was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings. An empty stream, a great silence, an impenetrable forest. The air was warm, thick, heavy, sluggish. There was no joy in the brilliance of sunshine.“ – Joseph Conrad

“The weird wood noises where the only sounds, strange, unutterable mutterings, dismal, inarticulate.” – Arthur Machen

Rafael M. Milani - Eden

Rafael M. Milani – Eden


“As a photographer, I am much more interested in the creation of mood and atmosphere than in the communication of facts or thoughts. I am usually attracted to artists whose work has a feeling of strangeness, mystery and awe, and that is what I try to convey with my images”