Dafna Talmor – ‘Constructed Landscapes’

Dafna Talmor’s series ‘Constructed Landscapes I ‘ and “Constructed Landscape II’ – “transforms colour negatives of landscapes initially taken as mere keepsakes through the act of slicing and splicing.  The resulting photographs allude to an imaginary place, idealised spaces or as Foucault states, “a virtual space that opens up behind the surface”.

Dafna Talmor – Constructed Landscapes


“I have always found limitations inspiring and so what was initially a cause of frustration and disappointment, led to the idea of merging different places of personal meaning to create idealised and utopian landscapes, of giving meaning and function to these seemingly defunct negatives. As a result, photographs taken over several years in my country of birth (Israel), where I was raised (Venezuela), across the UK (where I currently live) and the US (where my sister resides) have formed the basis of this ongoing project.

The act of physically merging landscapes from different parts of the world refers to the transitional aspect of our contemporary world in a metaphorical way.  Following on from my previous work, Constructed Landscapes is interested in creating a space that defies specificity, refers to the transient and to the blurring of space, memory and time.

Passing through different locations on a regular basis points to the accumulation of memories (both individual and collective). The spaces created could be anywhere, they are ‘real’ yet virtual and imaginary; they are a conflation. One could say this conflation transforms place into space, a specific place that is initially loaded with personal meaning, memories and connotations to a space that has been emptied of subjectivity and becomes universal.”


Dafna Talmor – Constructed Landscapes


Source – artist statement.