Gerco De Ruijter – ‘Cropped’

Gerco De Ruijter’s project ‘Cropped’ – hypnotic abstract landscapes formatted like geometric template into a stop-motion animation as watching a vinyl record playing by appropriating over 1,000 existing images of spherical irrigation plots in the American southwest from Google Earth.

Gerco De Ruijter - Cropped

Gerco De Ruijter – Cropped


“I had seen images of circular irrigation fields and was immediately drawn to them by their minimal, yet, hard edged abstraction”. Over the years, the artist tried to photograph them with different cameras, only to discover that due to their large scale they could be seen only from space.

“These formal images, with their rigid framing and unusual viewpoint, raise questions with regards to scale and dimension, as well as doubt: what am I looking at? What is similar in my work and that of abstract geometrical painters is foremost that we do not dish up a story or a deeper meaning. The viewer sees nothing but the image itself.”