Hugo Deverchere – ‘Cosmorama’

Hugo Deverchere – Cosmorama


Hugo Deverchere‘s cyanotypes ‘Cosmorama’ – “explores, makes visible and materializes an inaccessible stratum of the light spectrum.

Consisting of several subsets, this series of cyanotypes was produced in relation with the Observatory of Teide, in Tenerife. Stellar clusters captured by a telescope, images recomposed from data that attempt an impossible mapping of the dark matter of the Universe, fragments of volcanic rocks whose composition is identical to certain meteors, signs of an animal presence harvested in a desert of lava where Nasa tested the Curiosity rover before sending it to Mars, plant forms taken from a primary forest testifying to the state of our continent 50 million years ago: the whole recompose a world outside of the world which upsets and transcends the spatial and temporal scales.

These images were produced from an infrared capture process with which astronomers usually observe “deep sky” objects such as planets, nebulae and black holes located outside our galaxy. Also developed by an astronomer, cyanotypy is a contact printing process that allows us to create an imprint of these radiations that escape our perception.”


Hugo Deverchere – Cosmorama


Source – artist statement.