Platon Antoniou – ‘Coming home Greece’

Platon Antoniou’s project ‘Coming home Greece’ – a personal story capturing with his iconic style the essence of the Greek soul through common people of everyday life from the Isle of Paros.

Platon Antoniou - Coming home Greece

Platon Antoniou – Coming home Greece


“The camera is nothing more than a tool of communication, simplicity, shapes on a page. What is important is the story, the message, the feeling, the connection… My father used to do beautiful black and white drawings and I grew up with this sort of aesthetic in my head. It was so bold! I spent most of my adult life trying to find this visual language. If it is necessary, it is in there. If it is not necessary, it is not there. So strip it down, simplify it. Just go for the core…

My 35mm stuff is about context and atmosphere. It is not always about all the details I would get in a studio setting. The only thing is to focus on compassion, dignity and humility. It is a very powerful connection.

When I came back to Greece, I came back to my people and it was an unpaired experience of finding my feet as a human being.”  (quotations from the Netflix documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design, Platon: Photography).