Tracey Moffatt – ‘Body Remembers’

Tracey Moffatts’ ‘Body Remembers’ – a series of ten large-scale photographs with cinematic aesthetics exploring fictional narrative about loss, longing, identity and estrangement, based upon artist’s memories, family history and myth.

Tracey Moffatt - Body Remembers

Tracey Moffatt – Body Remembers


Moffett herself, dressed in an old-fashioned maid’s uniform, is the sole protagonist in the scenes. Her face is intentionally unseen, highlighting the mystery behind the woman and the house, implying a connection between them at one time.The story, centered on a single character, is a kind of homage to her mother and grandmother who worked as domestics.

“The maid returns to the house where she once worked, a place of memory and of where she felt a sense of security and perhaps a lost love. We see the interior of the house as it once was and again as a ruin… My Aboriginal great-grandmother worked on a cattle property in outback Queensland she was a cook. Then my mother also worked as a domestic… My work is often based on fact or personal family history but it never stays there.”

Inspired by the poem “Body, Remember’ by the Greek poet Cavafy, it follows the idea the poem renders about the memory written into our body that becomes an inalienable part of us.