Alexander Mourant – ‘Aomori’

Alexander Mourant’s series ‘Aomori’ – exploring the philosophy of the Japanese forest in psychological state of the intangible blue, inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s, Hokusai’s and Yves Klein’s admiration of this transcendent colour. “For an artist, an intimate investigation of one individual subject can lead to limitless fields on intertwining narratives and unseen connections. There is so much in the colour blue.”

With a blue glass from a church window, cut to size to fit the filter holder of his camera, the artist exposed his film directly to the blue world. “Glass, which is normally a material of separation, is employed directly in my process to unite both medium and idea.”

Alexander Mourant - Aomori

Alexander Mourant – Aomori


“Aomori, meaning ‘blue forest’ in Japanese, is a synthesis of two existential ideas – the forest and the nature of blue. Together they create a place of high intensity, a place which questions our relationship to time, colour and self. Through these coalescing notions, it is my intent that these photographs can reach a far higher level of engagement than conventional photographs.”