Adriene Hughes

Adriene Hughes –‘Threaded Icebergs’

Adriene Hughes’ project in four chapters ‘Threaded Icebergs’ – pristine arctic landscapes “marked by geometric patterns (either hand sewn, or marked through illustration) to demonstrate the way wind, language and memory travel, carving into icebergs the stories of the past, present and future. Geometric pattern mirrors the sacred viewpoints of indigenous and religious practices throughout time, viewing the earth as sacred.

Lacking noticeable objects in the landscape, we are left with nothing but shapes, color and light. All of which combined to affect my mood, and to impact my emotions, which I hope comes through in my work.”

Adriene Hughes -Threaded Icebergs


Feeling connected to the healing power of nature after personal struggles for health surviving, these images are also a call into action to balance of our collective ecosystem and an act of honor and respect to the nature that made us.

Source – artist statement.


Adriene Hughes – ‘Iceland’

Adriene Hughes’ series ‘Iceland’ – volcanic landscape in infrared focusing on the effect of human intervention on global warming to shift our collective ecosystem.

Adriene Hughes - Iceland

Adriene Hughes – Iceland


“As an artist and photographer I believe every voice counts.  I choose to take a position where scientific research is paramount and the visual occupies as documentary evidence.  I have attempted to use my camera as a way to talk about the landscape, our connection to environment, and the changes upon earth.

As cancer survivor, the artist see nature as a way to connect to a primal part of herself. “I feel as if I belong in the pictures I take… There is an attachment to environments that struggle to survive, like I did.  I simply feel connected in ways that words can never describe.”