Adam Jeppesen – ‘The Pond’

Adam Jeppesen’s series ‘The Pond’ – cyanotypes of floating hands on a textile in a study of ourselves and the things that are changing within society, within us as humans, the insecurity of what is inside the marshy waters and what happens if you go inside it.

Adam Jeppesen - The Pond

Adam Jeppesen – The Pond


“The use of a hand was to translate my thoughts on identity – self-identity and on a much broader scale as a collective identity as a human kind. The hand becomes such a symbol of that because there is a looking at ‘myself’ but without seeing ourselves in the mirror. By studying my hand I wanted to see how many different expressions one could have and the way they were photographed gives the feeling they were somehow separated from the rest of the body.” Immersed into the blue colour and drifting in imaginary swampy waters suggest the idea of desire for a new path in the human existence.