Sebastian Schutyser – ‘Flowers of the Moon’

Sebastian Schutyser’s series ‘Flowers of the Moon’ – capturing with black and white infrared photography the mystical aura of the Mountains of the Moon, unveiling the pristine beauty of these landscapes as a lost paradise.

“In the heart of Africa lies an icecapped massif with a mythical resonance: the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori Mountains). The ancient Greeks referred to them as the supposed sources of the river Nile. Ever since, explorers, scientists and adventurers have been fascinated by this last great mountain discovery of the world, on the border of present Uganda and the Congo. The afroalpine climate of the Rwenzori Mountains is determined by two geographical factors: they are very near to the equator, and high above sea level with peaks over 5000m. These particular conditons have provoked an extravagant vegetation. Most stunning are the giant heathers, senecios, and lobelias. What emerges is an image of a sublime landscape in resonance with the paintings of Douanier Rousseau.”

Sebastian Schutyser - Flowers of the Moon

Sebastian Schutyser – Flowers of the Moon


The series is published in a photo book