Pieter de Vos – ‘Mandalas of Sand’

Pieter de Vos’s series ‘Mandalas of Sand’ – telling the history of Nicaragua through stories of patterns created by sand: the birthplace of volcanoes, the serpent and the tree of life, the origin of language, the arrival of the conquistadores, the Somoza dynasty…

Pieter de Vos - Mandalas of Sand

Pieter de Vos – Mandalas of Sand


“While walking along a stretch of beach in Aposentillo, Nicaragua, I was struck by the unique images left behind by retreating waves. It occurred to me that the layers of light and dark volcanic particles convey deeper meanings. There is a dialogue between the land and the ocean: a visual communication transmitted by the perpetual movement of water and sand. In this case, the writing in sand reveals the origin of Nicaragua and its tumultuous past. The mandalas also reveal what might happen as traditional ways of life are disrupted by the arrival of tourism and the increased investment of foreign capital.”