Justine Tjallinks – ‘Silk’

Justine Tjallinks‘s fine art series ‘Silk‘ – metamorphosis of a girl rises to the beauty that she is.

“We are slowly moving towards a future where perfection becomes the norm. There are great expectations placed upon youth to excel in all they are and undertake. Appearance is everything. This notion is visually supported by all that influences their young lives. There is no room for imperfection in the new world.

Especially in Asia, women and girls with imperfections remain hidden and silent, their concerns unknown and their rights overlooked. This is far more likely to happen in the case of a girl-child, as boys are valued more than girls in Asian culture. The girl-child is likely to face discrimination within the family, and have little hope of marriage. Forced into a life where she is isolated and marginalized.

Silk – a royal Chinese fabric amongst the most valuable in the world – challenges the idea that girls with an imperfection are inferior, but in fact unique and beautiful.”

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Justine Tjallinks – Silk


Sally Gall – ‘Aerial’

Sally Gall‘s series ‘Aerial‘ – dancing laundry: searching for poetry and in the everyday life.

“Ordinary textiles such as bedding, towels and clothing filled the canvas of the sky with metaphoric amoebas, sea creatures, swarming birds, blooming flowers. They were like variants of Miro or Klee paintings. “Aerial” continues my photographic investigation of the sensual properties of the natural world (light, air, wind) and our interactions with it.”

Sally Gall, photography, aerial, everyday, laundry, poetry, inspiration, short visual stories

Sally Gall – Aerial


Markus Brunetti – ‘Facades of churches’

Markus Brunetti‘s series ‘Facades of churches‘ – a new way of seeing their surface, contours and architecture details.
Since 2005 Markus Brunetti along with his wife Betty Schöner started a lifetime project called ‘Grand Tour’. The goal is to photograph all kind of styles facades of sacred buildings all around the world. Up to now they have traveled throughout Western Europe and gradually planning to continue to the east – Greece, Palestine, Russia, Asia… Click the image to see the map and the photographs.
Brunetti relies heavily on the digital technique to achieve such an amazing result. He photographs each fragment of a facade and then digitally ensemble them in a long and fastidious process which could last even a month just for one image.
photography, churches, facades, Markus Brunetti, architecture

Markus Brunetti – Facades


Carol Erb – ‘Dominion’

Carol Erb‘s series ‘Dominion‘ – the way we think animals as extensions of our own needs and emotions.

“Like many people, I grew up with a fascination for animals. Storybooks, cartoons, puppet shows; our culture fosters the whimsical fantasy that animals are our friends. The truth is much darker. Animals are commodities that we use for food, clothing, labor, and entertainment. The Old Testament gave man a pretext for using animals to suit his needs. Modern civilization developed in ways to shield us from the cruelty and neglect with which we treat our fellow creatures. Today, attitudes are changing, due in large part to the long campaign of animal welfare groups that have worked to expose and question our exploitation of animals.”

photography, animals, CarolErb

Carol Erb – Dominion


Kate Ballis – ‘Glace Noir’

Kate Ballis‘s series ‘Glace Noir‘ – glaciers’ patterns & texture converted as surreal mysterious dreamscape

Kate Ballis - Glace Noir

Kate Ballis – Glace Noir


“I love playing with light, complexity and finding beauty in the darkness and shadows. I like the notion of making the unseen, seen. With my fine art photography I’ve been experimenting with the patterns and textures found within the natural world, combining scale and context to create images that, while being wholly grounded in reality, feel other-wordly.”


Mona Kuhn – ‘Private’

Mona Kuhn‘s series “Private“.

“The desert’s seductive threat is always there. It menaces from the edges. Look at the signature image of this book, a dusty room glimpsed out of focus through a glass door bearing the words ‘PRIVATE’ in reverse. A view of sultry enigma, a chamber beyond which the brightness of the sun is coming to devour everything and take the mystery with it” (from an essay ‘Stardust‘ by David Campany)

photography, Mona Kuhn, Private, photobook

Mona Kuhn – Private


The series is published in a book by Steidl.


Paloma Rincón – ‘Freezing Flowers’

Paloma Rincón‘s series “Freezing Flowers” – “Flowers have been represented all through Art History as part of paintings, mosaic or sculptures having it´s more important and independent period in the XIX century. I wanted to feature this classic subject-matter using some of the particularities of it´s own language and technique and at the same time giving it a more contemporary approach, playing with ice geometries in a juxtaposition of textures and materials.”

Paloma Rincón - Freezing Flowers

Paloma Rincón – Freezing Flowers