Vanessa Bowman – the beauty of the still life in just a few colours

Vanessa Bowman is a British “contemporary artist in oils” as is written in her web site. However, she is more than this formal description.

With limited palette of colours and variety of patterns in each of her paintings, she creates a quiet and beautiful reflection of our daily life. Her works are like pieces from a mosaic that follows the ordinary path of nature, and of course our own lives: winter, spring, summer, autumn, primroses, pansies, lemons, tangerines and  so on. Life goes on and cherish each day of it is that subtle feeling one could sense enjoying Mrs Bowman’s art.

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Some of her works are also published as postcards.


Bunpei Yorifuji – Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified

Bunpei Yorifuji - Wonderful Life With the Elements

Bunpei Yorifuji – Wonderful Life With the Elements


Bunpei Yorifuji is a Japanese artist and writer well-known in his country for his series of humorous ads for the Tokyo metro. The world fame however came with his funny and quirky book ‘ Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified‘. Picturing them in our human traits, he made them more understandable and easier to memorize. Most of us probably are not very keen on chemistry but this book opens a new vision in the education. Learning is much more productive when it is close to our lives, when there is something that looks familiar. Once you meet these characters, you could not forget them. Personification of difficult issues will not make us serious scientists but surely will help to understand them and keep in our brain cells for much longer period of time.


Abelardo Morell – ‘Camera Obscura’

Renowned photographer Abelardo Morell was born in 1948 in Cuba but since 1962 he resides in the USA. His first experiments with the camera obscura technique started in 1988 as a teacher of photography in art college when he covered the windows in the classroom with black opaque plastic sheeting in order to darken the place and no light be visible. Then he cut a small hole in them and his students were mesmerized with the result. On the opposite wall was projected the upside-down image of the scene from the outside. Simple but so powerful. And as he says “It felt like the moment photography was invented.”

Abelardo Morell -Camera Obscura

Abelardo Morell -Camera Obscura


An article in National Geographic explains what the Camera Obscure is and how Abelardo Morell applies its principles to his works and if you want to take a closer look of the process see the episode 1 of the BBC series The Genius of Photography  (from the 3th to the 6th minute )


Louise Rawlings – Mrs Spotty Wellies, Alfie and … the life is beautiful

Louise Rawlings is another talented British artist to admire. She grown up and still leaves in Birmingham with her family. Mrs Rawlings states that she could be inspired by anything but it seems that her dog Alfie is her greatest ‘muse’. Each of their  daily walking turns into a journey needed to be told in pictures.

Visit Louise Rawling’s official web site  for more of her works and information where could be purchased.

Marfa Timchenko – the master of the Ukrainian folk art tradition

Marfa Timchenko is one of the icon Ukrainian artists lived in the 20th century. She is highly praised for her unique style of vivid and colourful  scenes depicting folk traditions. She was born 1922 and died 2009 and during her life she experimented with different kind of medium like china, books, wood and so on, but always remained true to her way of expression and technique. Her most famous works though are primarily her paintings.

Sam Toft – Mr EH Mustard & family

Sam Toft is a young and very talented British illustrator. While searching for the dream job that not only makes us happy but gives us meaning to our lives, she experimented with a lot of different kind of works. When finally one fine day her lucky stars guided her to the magnificent world of painting and drawing. And here came the help from the friends. Her imaginary fellows since childhood allowed her to reproduce their daily life and through her unique way of expression, she creates a striking gallery of beautifully told stories. That’s what friends are for! Enjoying her postcards, honestly, who wouldn’t jealous for having such a company.

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Don’t miss to see the catalogue for 2013, Lucky 13. It is amazing!  –

Sven Nordqvist – Pettson & Findus

Sven Otto Rickard Nordqvist is a Swedish writer and illustrator, born 1946. His professional life is an inspiration for all who against all odds continue to believe in themselves and not give up chasing their dreams. He always wanted to be an illustrator, but because was rejected by several art schools he studied architecture instead. Nevertheless he couldn’t persuade the art schools in his talent, he never quit his plans to tell through his illustrations the heartwarming and touching story about the life of two charming personalities – the old farmer Pettson and his cat Findus. They live a quiet, ordinary life in a small farmhouse in the countryside but unexpectedly each of their days turns to an adventure.  The 1st book was published in 1984 and up to date is followed by another nine stories and 6 million copies sold.

I couldn’t find an official site of Sven Nordqvist but his books are available at all famous bookstores.

Elliott Erwitt – the “amateur” photographer of the absurd moments

Elliott Erwitt was born in 1928  in Paris but since the mid of 40s he resides in New York. His eyes catch immediately the quirky sense of humor in ironic situations within our everyday life. The ludicrous moments we often find ourselves into but not being able even to recognize them. And here it comes Mr. Erwit – to show us the absurd side of the coin and makes us laugh.

Since 1953 he is a member of Magnum Photos where was invited to join by its founder Robert Capa.

Why Mr Erwitt’s works are so wildly appreciated? Probably because as he describes himself he is still and will remain always “an amateur photographer”, clarifying though that the word “amateur” comes from the Latin and means “to love”.

Mr. Erwitt’s official web site –

Ella Frances Sanders – Lost in Translation

Ella Frances Sanders is a young British artist who just turned twenty-one in 2014 but already in the spotlight. Her collection of beautifully illustrations feature words from cultures all over the globe that don’t have a direct English translation (and probably in the most other languages too). The 50 drawings are gathered in a book with the witty title “Lost in Translation“.

Visit her official site to enjoy her other works or follow her on Twitter

Crispin Korschen – The barking mad world

Crispin Korschen

Crispin Korschen


Crispin Korschen is an artist who comes from New Zealand and describes herself as “a lover of all things quirky”. To sustain this statement, here are some of her whimsical greeting cards, but her bizarre style could be recognized as well in all her other works.

“Painting gives me the opportunity to bring to life the characters and images roaming in my head. The stories told by my art works are either my own, inspired from observations and my experiences, or expressions of my restless curiosity”.