Markus Brunetti – ‘Facades of churches’

Markus Brunetti‘s series ‘Facades of churches‘ – a new way of seeing their surface, contours and architecture details.
Since 2005 Markus Brunetti along with his wife Betty Schöner started a lifetime project called ‘Grand Tour’. The goal is to photograph all kind of styles facades of sacred buildings all around the world. Up to now they have traveled throughout Western Europe and gradually planning to continue to the east – Greece, Palestine, Russia, Asia… Click the image to see the map and the photographs.
Brunetti relies heavily on the digital technique to achieve such an amazing result. He photographs each fragment of a facade and then digitally ensemble them in a long and fastidious process which could last even a month just for one image.
photography, churches, facades, Markus Brunetti, architecture

Markus Brunetti – Facades